Calgary Family Photographer ~ Fiolka Family Session

I adored meeting this GORGEOUS family!! They were so fun to hang out with and their baby boy is so stinkin cute! He gave me all the best smiles and was so happy throughout the entire session (including when we got rained out at the end). His mom is so talented and made the cake for his cake smash, including the dish which is actually made of CHOCOLATE!! She has mad skills and I might have to hire her to make my next birthday cake! Also... guess what their little boy's name is... JACK... get it... Jack in the Box?! (Scroll down to about half way through the pictures if you don't get it). We were crazy lucky for their session... we considered postponing as it had rained all day, and the forecast was only showing a small break in the evening, but we went for it and had PERFECT weather right up until the end of the cake smash when it started pouring! Probably a good thing because I'm pretty sure Jack was prepared to eat that entire cake if no one stopped him!

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