FAQs for Parents

Choosing a newborn photographer can be a confusing and difficult task, especially when you are trying to get your home, vehicle, and schedule ready for the arrival of your new baby. The following is a list of questions that will help you choose a newborn photographer. The most important consideration when choosing a newborn photographer should be the safety of your new baby, as there are currently no regulations for the posing and handling of babies for photography sessions. Please feel free to use this list of questions when communicating with other photographers to ensure the person you choose is qualified to be handling your precious baby.

How much experience do you have handling and photographing babies?

I have been photographing newborns for over two years, and have handled over one hundred babies throughout my newborn photography career.

Have you received any newborn specific training?

It is essential that you choose someone who has newborn specific training and exercises safe posing practices. I have received hands on mentoring, as well as training from some of the best newborn photographers from around the world. I also make it a priority to be involved in the newborn photography industry and stay up to date on new trends in newborn photography.

How will my newborn be supported in upright poses during the session?

Many of the popular poses you will see are created using multiple images put together in Photoshop, which make it appear that the baby is supporting its own head with its hands in what’s known as the froggy pose, or that it is sitting upright in the potato sack pose. If you would like to do poses such as these, your newborn photographer must be skilled in the art of composite imagery, and that your baby is supported throughout these poses. 

Can I be involved in the session?

Absolutely! I encourage parents to be involved in the session and will instruct parents on how to support and spot their baby in different poses. I will never ever ask parents to step away from their babies and you can watch the entire session (or you can kick back and read a magazine or watch a show). Many photographers prefer that the mothers are not too close to their babies, as they may get hungry when they smell her milk, however if this happens, we will always take a break and let your baby eat. Note that if you are having twins I will have an assistant with me.

My baby is older than 2 weeks, is a newborn session still possible?

Yes! Older newborns are sometimes not as sleepy and can't do every pose that babies 2 weeks and under can do, however we can still create beautiful images of your baby! I recommend mini sessions for older babies as they can be done anytime when your baby is 1 month of younger. 

What happens in the case of illness?

I have a strict health policy. Sick babies, parents, or siblings are not allowed in my studio due to the work I do with newborns. Likewise, if I am unwell I will let you know so we can reschedule. In the case that I become sick and am not able to do your newborn session within the first 2-3 weeks of life I will work with you to find an alternate newborn photographer.

If you have any questions regarding safety, please feel free to contact me at kathrynlangleyphotography@gmail.com or 403-828-0441.

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